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Create a social network for your church community

Transition beyond the physical boundaries of the church and empower your community online every day.

Strengthen your community with its own social network, including messaging, groups, status updates, online donations, event planning, and much more.

It takes just a few minutes to set up, and it’s completely free.

Your Church Social Network

Take your church online with its own social network.

  • Social timelines

    Share updates and activity for others to see.

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  • Groups

    Your community naturally has many shared interests. Choyr provides a place for those shared interests to connect and flourish.

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  • Messaging for everyone

    Connect with your members, and allow your members to connect with each other.

  • United community

    Choyr is available 24/7, even outside the physical boundaries of your church.

Built for Churches

Choyr is built from the ground up specifically for churches.

  • Collect donations online
  • Organise events
  • Recruit volunteers
  • Upload sermons
Free & Easy to Use

In just a few minutes your church will have an online home.

  • Completely free
  • Easy to use
  • Unites church members
  • Works on mobile
Social Timeline

A social timeline for everyone.

The central place to see what’s happening in your church. Members can post their own status updates and like or comment on others’ updates and activities.

Church Posts
Church activity, like creating a news article or an event, is automatically shared with members.
Member Posts
Members can share text and images on the timeline for others to see.
  • Reminders

    We all lead busy lives, so each user’s upcoming events and volunteering opportunities are just a click away.

  • Suggestions

    Automatically increase engagement with events, volunteering opportunities, and donation campaigns that a member might’ve missed.


Shared interests have a home in groups.

Empower members to engage: Any member can create a community group and invite other members to join. Church admins can create groups for church activies and discussions.

  • Engage and discuss

    Bring members together in their chosen community and church groups.

  • Share files

    Members can add photos, videos, or other files to topics to be viewed and downloaded by others.

  • Privacy controls

    Some groups need to be private. That’s why you can create three types of groups: public, private, and hidden.

  • Invite members

    Easily invite any other church member to a group to join the conversation.


Send messages to your members, and allow your members to send messages to each other.

Every member on your network has their own message inbox and the ability to contact other members either privately or as a group.

Built Into
Each volunteering opportunity recevies its own chat room. Send a message to every volunteer instantly.
Sometimes your members need guidance. Create advice topics and assign an advisor who can communicate with your members.

Collect donations from your members and the general public.

Create multiple donation campaigns and accept money via debit or credit card. Donors can either give a one-off amount, or give every month.

  • Recurring donations

    Create recurring campaigns to allow donors to give just once, or every month automatically.

  • Accept donations from anyone

    Anyone visiting your site can give, even if they’re not a member of your church.

  • Set a goal

    Do you have a specific amount you’d like to raise? Add a goal to see how close you are. You can also set a date that a campaign should end.

  • 100% secure

    We use one of the world’s leading payment processors to ensure all donor payment details are secure.

Tax efficient donations via Gift Aid*
Enable tax efficient giving through automatic tax reclaim on a donation made by a tax payer, effectively increasing the amount your church receives (if available in your respective jurisdiction).
*Currently available in the United Kingdom.
Built for Churches

Everything you need for your daily church tasks


Organise events and see who’ll be coming.

There’s no need to manually record who’s attending your upcoming events. Create an event in Choyr and members can say they’ll be there with one click.

Events can be recurring, and attendees will receive a reminder notification when the event is approaching.

Media & Sermons

Share photo albums and sermons.

We know how important photos and videos are to a community, so with Choyr you can create albums to store as much media content as you like.

Members will be able to access your media content and sermons at any time or place.


Manage your volunteering requirements.

Create volunteering opportunities and add information about the specific roles you need to be filled. Members can then volunteer to take part and choose which role they want to take.

Volunteers will automatically receive a reminder notification close to the time of the volunteering event.


Keep members up-to-date with church news.

Create news articles to keep your members informed about your church. It’s like having your own blog, but it’s easy to use and there’s no additional hassle.

News articles can include photos and links. Choyr even provides hundreds of free photos for you to use if you need some inspiration.


Offer your members advice on specific topics.

Your community can provide great advice by using topics to help, inform, and guide. Any member can be a topic’s advisor, so other members can contact them for further, personalised help.

When messaging an advisor, a member can choose to remain anonymous so the advisor doesn’t know who they are.

What are the other ways that Choyr can help your church?

  • Community Statistics
    Keep informed on user activity, user engagement, amount donated, and more, in an easy to use dashboard.
  • User Profiles
    Every member receives their own profile, allowing them to add information about themselves.
  • Members List
    Member information is kept in sync in the dashboard, so you’ll always have the latest contact details.
  • Privacy
    Any individual member’s information is kept private and is not shared with any third parties.

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